Martine Époque
Choreographer, digital choreographer
Denis Poulin Ph. D.
Artistic director - production
Producer, digital choreographer

Emblematic dance figure in Quebec, Martin Époque (choreographer, eurythmics specialist and professor) was the founder and artistic director of the famous contemporary dance company of Montreal “Nouvelle Aire”. She was the principal actor in the creation of the dance department at UQAM (1989) and of “L’Agora de la danse” (1991). She has earned international recognition for her stage work, conferences and publications. She is the recipient of the Clifford E. Lee prize for choreography in 1983 and the Denise Pelletier “Prix du Québec” in 1994. She has devoted her life to technochoreography since 1989. A number of articles and television reports have focused on her career.


Denis Poulin (Ph.D. at UQAM in 2012, MA in cinema and television, 1977, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor) is associate professor of the dance department at UQAM (2006). He was also a dance professor at Collège Montmorency in Laval where he founded the dance department and its programs (1985) as well as the 3D Human Movement Animation program (2007). Fascinated by on screen dance, he has directed many movies and videos for his choreographic creations and those of Martine Époque. In 1983, his movie “Beyound curtains ⁄ Ni scène, ni coulisses” produced by The National Film Board of Canada (1978), won the Enta Maratone dei Templi cup at the International Film Festival of Salerno.